About Us

All sulphur
products under
one roof

ASIM is a trusted producer of all types of Sulphur. We provide high level of customer service while delivering various (Or different) range of products to meet our customer needs.

  • Sulphur 80% WDG
  • Sulphur 80% WP
  • Sulphur 85% DP
  • Sulphur 90% (Fertiliser Grade)


We help grow and select the highest quality materials from reputable suppliers in the region. From seed to harvest, every measure is taken to help produce the greatest yield while maintaining the highest quality.


Our products are exported to many certified growers producing high-grade produce in multiple countries. When it comes to fertilizers, we deliver excellence every time.

Safety & Quality

Asim Products is dedicated to the quality and safety of all the products we deliver. All of our products are thoroughly inspected and graded in our Indian facility to certify that the standards are met.