ASIM is a trusted producer of all types of Sulphur. We provide high level of customer service while delivering various (Or different) range of products to meet our customer needs.


Our research is based on the latest technology, which helps us improve plant growth and production. Sulphur controls the pH level of the soil to allow plants to take in minerals in pure form.

Production Strength

We serve markets in six major countries by producing 8,000 tonnes of sulphur. Our production capabilities are exceptional and always expanding, allowing us to always deliver products on schedule.


The distribution network of our products continues to expand into markets around the world. You can rely on us to supply you with the best qualities and to fill orders promptly within our service area.

Helping Our


From seed to harvest, every measure is taken to produce the greatest yield while maintaining the highest quality.


Our all products are certified and satisfactory fulfill International standards, too. We provide innovative products in International Market at competitive price to give a complete satisfaction to our customers.

Safety & Quality

Our facilities are specially design to support best product integrity. All of our products are graded for quality and sustainability to guarantee that you will receive it with all its benefits.

About ASIM Products

ASIM Products is dedicated to the quality and safety of all the products we deliver. This commitment is backed by years of experience and recognition in the industry.

Customers turn to us because they want to consistently provide that results great. Going the extra mile is just part of our job. We develop and select the highest quality materials from reputable suppliers in the region.

Our Products

We use the Deepchill™ ProduceFresh System, which offers many advantages, including 50% longer shelf life, and an ice formula that reduces shipping weight and brings the core temperatures of the product down 15-20 degrees in 60 seconds. The formula offers a 60% reduction in water and ice waste and reduces the carbon footprint of a broccoli carton by 30% per head. The icing produces a constant low temperature during transportation and storage with no “hot pockets.” It also offers a “point of kill” step that eliminates bugs and bacteria.

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